Guilty-looking dog eats rugby player's passport, causes chaos

Guilty-looking dog eats rugby player’s passport, causes chaos

Here's rugby player Matthew Shepherd (right), blissfully unaware of his new puppy's passport-chewing intentions.
Here’s rugby player Matthew Shepherd (right), blissfully unaware of his new puppy’s passport-chewing intentions.

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There are bad dogs, and then there are very bad dogs.

Mr Boots, a seven-month old cocker spaniel belonging to rugby player Matthew Shepherd, definitely falls into the latter category.

A couple of weeks before Shepherd was due to fly out to Spain, the Plymouth Albion player decided to check the expiry date on his passport, according to a BBC report. He then made the mistake of leaving it out on the table. 

Enter Mr Boots.

“When I got back I saw pieces of paper on the floor and didn’t know what it was,” Shepherd was quoted as saying. “Then I saw him on the bed with the passport in his mouth.”

Usually a new passport takes weeks to get in the UK, but luckily — with the help of the authorities and a quick eight-hour drive from his home in Cornwall to the Newport Passport Office — Shepherd was able to expedite the process.

“It’s my fault, I left it on the table,” he added. “But there we go it’s a learning curve.

“You can’t be mad with a puppy, can you?”

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May 24, 2017

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