Replace Every SEO Tool You Own With This Ninja Suite Of Tools

Replace Every SEO Tool You Own With This Ninja Suite Of Tools


Imagine if you could roll all of the best SEO tools into one and save huge amounts of money at the same time!

How great would that be?

All while saving time, because all your data is under one roof.

It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well…with SERPed, it is true.

SERPed combines data from Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush & so on at no extra cost, but also features some absolutely jaw dropping custom SEO tools to put that data to use.

In fact you can easily replace all of these services with SERPed-

  • Ahrefs – $79.00 per month
  • Majestic – $70.00 per month
  • Moz – $99.00 per month
  • SEMRush – $99.95 per month
  • WhiteSpark – $20.00 per month
  • RegisterCompass – $37.00 per month
  • BacklinksIndexer – $14.97 per month
  • Pingdom – $14.95 per month
  • BackupBuddy – $12.50 per month

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All In One SEO Tool

SERPed is the last SEO tool you will ever need that will allow you to replace all of the best SEO tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMRush & more!

That would normally cost $447.37 per month but a single account at SERPed gives you all of that & more for less.

You can find hot niches. Search for expired domains. Generate thousands of profitable keywords. Steal your competitor’s backlinks. Build custom reports. And, that’s just the top-layer of what you can achieve with this tool.

Heck it even has some seriously powerful SEO client acquisition tools that I’m using with my own agency.

So if you want to supercharge your SEO results – for your clients, or your own site – then this tool is all you’re ever going to need.

What You Will Learn

In this article, you’re going to see not only how to use the tool, but strategies that work to help you use the tool to its full advantage.

There are so many features, variations and customizations it’d be impossible for me to talk about all of them in one article. So I’ve focused on what’s going to give you the most value right now.

Just click on any of the links to jump to that section:

  • Site Management: How to use SERPed to manage your site, monitor your progress and tweak your site to improve it right now.
  • Keyword Research: How to perform next level keyword research and find profitable long-tail keywords you’d never have even thought of. You’ll also see actionable strategies on how to rank for these keywords using the tool.
  • Domain Research: How to 10x your domain research and build a PBN (or empire) that will send your rankings through the roof. This is also where you’ll learn how to run one of the most thorough backlink checks on the internet.
  • Rank Tracking: Learn how to track your own progress and uncover your competitions strategies to level up your own rankings.
  • Client Acquisition: SERPed comes with a full suite to help you get more clients. Here’s how to use them.
  • Other Awesome Tools: Want free social shares and a hush-hush browser plug-in? They’re here for you.

Or, you can carry on to the next section and find out what SERPed is all about.

What Is SERPed (And Why Should You Care)?

SERPed’s vision is simple:

To make SEO simple, accessible and easy to manage.

Born from the frustration of wasting time, money and effort of using lots of SEO tools, SERPed was made for SEOs, by SEOs. Every aspect of the tool has been designed by people who have spent years in the trenches and decided they wanted change.

In fact, the tool was used for years behind closed doors by a select few industry professionals. It wasn’t until quite recently they decided to share its immense power with others.

There isn’t a day-to-day challenge that this tool can’t help you solve. Everything from Keyword Research to building a PBN, backing up your entire site and getting more SEO clients is built in under one roof.

And, with its new Version 2.0 launch, it’s just become even more useful.

If you believe that getting SEO results doesn’t need to cost you a lot of time, money or wasted mental effort, this is one of the best SEO tools for you.

  • Speed video review
  • detailed video TUTORIAL

If you are short on time watch this speed review of SERPed that will take you through all of the best SEO tools and reveals precisely how much money you can per month by using it.

Don’t forget – scroll down to learn 37 awesome ways you can use SERPed to generate traffic & clients.

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My detailed SERPed tutorial will show you precisely how to increase organic search traffic to your site and generate clients by using the various SEO tools that are included with SERPed.

Don’t forget to scroll down and checkout the list of 37 ways to use SERPed below for quick reference.

Video Transcript

Imagine the power of an SEO tool that could pull data from all of these places and provide detailed Niche analysis, uncover the long-tail keywords find exactly which keywords any site or web address ranks for in Google find niche relevant age domains with all of the metrics that you want expired domains with links from places like Wikipedia expired exact match domains of search volumes you could restore complete site from in just a couple of clicks, a complete site Explorer with historic metrics from Ahrefs, majestic, Moz and more the ability to view all of the back links for any site on the Internet with lots of extra data to help you make great decisions indexed all of your links with multiple services Crawl and optimize your internal linked profile track your Google Bing and Yahoo rankings all around the world monitor rankings on YouTube search and the ability to analyze all of your competitors in just one click.

The ability to uncover all of the local citations that your competitors do not have and one click ability to create them. Be able to create a highly customized branded reports can automatically be sent to clients in a couple of clicks or even scheduled to be sent out automatically. You have built in uptime monitoring automated one click site backups, WordPress core theme and plug-in management not to mention a bunch of tools that generates clients into your sales funnel and other awesome features like local rank tracking, Amazon rank tracking, footprint site analytics and so much more, well that’s exactly what does and allows you to replace all of these tools with expensive monthly subscriptions that would normally cost you nearly $450 a month and this is the best bit SERPed. They give you access to all of that from just seventy-nine dollars per month which makes it one of the most value packed SEO tools on the planet but don’t just take my word for it let me go in each of these tools in more detail.

So this is the backend of the tool and I’ve been using for nearly three years now so I’m pretty familiar with it and if you’ve not heard of it before that’s because generally registration is closed and it’s only offered to a small amount of people at a time but I’ve had access for a while and I’m pretty familiar with all of the different tools so I’m going to show you some real world situations might help you out and hopefully you’ll find something that is relevant to you now this is a main dashboard it gives you an overview all of your sites your activities tasks keywords and such things and what I really like about this is actually pulls in data from a href majestic and SEMRush and so many of the places it really makes an all in one tool and just on the left side here you can see all of the various different modules are available to complete various tasks whether you want to track your rankings or deploy some of the really good client acquisition tools create reports or whatever it is that you want to do the literally no SEO task that SERPed is not capable of doing so to kick things off let’s start at the beginning where we will jump into the keyword research module and we will jump into ultimate research which is really easy to use.

You just enter your target keyword in here or generally broad niche, choose the country that you’re targeting and hit search for keywords, now I’m going to look at some of my older searches here just to give an example I did a search for drone and it came back with lots of different keywords and you can see ones I’ve marked as favorites here that really stood out for me and what’s really cool about this is the keywords that it comes back you can just click on them and it will go out and fetch more data for that keyword so here you can see we have the top results in Google for that keyword along we have lots of different metrics here for you to judge how difficult or easy it is along with an overall keyword difficulty score and over information like the average social shares the average page or variety, the average trust flow, the search volume and everything else like that now this kind of competitive analysis you’d normally find in a tool like market samurai but they include it here for you for any keyword that you find so if we just come out of that there are some of the cool features in this tool you can also check for related keyword domains and try and find any available exact match domains or partial much domains are easy to register you can also use a seed to get more long tail keywords or go in and do some further keyword analysis but this ultimate research tool is where you would start all of your keyword research before you drill down into something more detailed for example which we come to the Long Tail keywords tool here you can enter one of those seed keywords select the source of the keywords that it’s going to search to find them and to show you a past report here so you can get an idea of what it looks like. So these are all of the Long Tail keywords for the word drone and again you can find out lots of additional information here and find any keywords really stand out to you and there’s over features here like the related searches we can just say OK so we’ve got a keyword drone backpack, we can click on analyze and that will pull back all of related searches for that keyword and as you can see that has come back we have some additional keywords low pro during backpack and really product specific keywords here that are likely to convert into sales very easily.

Now another tool that is really cool and usually if you if you have a summer subscription you can access estate a book it’s included in SERPed, is the what ranks where tool so essentially what we’re going to do here is you put any domain you want in here and this and a little over options you can configure and click a check now and what this will return and I’ll show you again example results is it will show you exactly which keywords any domain is ranking for right now and not only that but it will also tell you what percentage of the traffic each keyword is bringing back so for this site for example you we can see them most popular keyword is drone companies they rank number one for volume of nearly two thousand and accounts for nearly one percent of the site’s traffic we can also come down and say they are surrounding the best fpv quadcopter drone aerial photography and so on and you can literally do this for any site that you want let’s just take a look at my blog for example it pulled back fifty keywords I’m currently ranking for and you can see things like best backlink checker, best backlink checker tools and ranking and this is really good to reverse engineer your competitors best keywords and rankings.

Now you can also use a what ranks where tool for something else if you plug your own site into the tool you can find the keywords or even positions five to ten on the first page or even took away on the second page in ranks eleven to twenty and the idea here is that we’ve just a few on site we may be tweaking the title tag the keyword density the internal links we might be able to take something that’s currently ranking position four five six seven or eight into the top three so this tool is really good for helping you find those opportunities really easily and I’m just going to search three for some here.

For example we could take a look at long tail pro currently ranking position for search volume sixteen hundred I know that this is a highly commercial keyword that converts really well into affiliate sales and we can even take a look at the overall search volume trends here for the keyword but with just a few on site tweaks by adding some more internal links or even just a couple of external links it’s very easy for me to see that I can get a big improvement with just a little bit of work here and that’s really a great way to use this tool as well as finding out where all of your competitors ranking moving on from into the keyword analyze this tool is really cool you enter your target keyword you enter the URL that you want to rank on your site and help analyze competition and I’m going to jump into some old results here so for example my make money online list of methods here I can compare the competition for that keyword against my existing URL So this key word how to make money online is a hugely competitive keyword as you can see by all of these red blocks here but we can see that actually my metrics do stand up against the competition and this is a really good way to gauge just how difficult or easy it is to rank for your target keyword with your existing page and this tool is great to use in conjunction with what ranks where tool to first of all find those on site opportunities with just a few tweaks in which you could improve but also to find new a long tail keywords that are quick and easy to rank for so that is all of the different keyword research options.

Now let’s move into the domain research area and this tool split down into two categories first of all finding domains and then the analysis of the domains so if you’re looking to buy a domain to build a niche site on or build out a private not blog network these suite of tools are perfect so let me just give you a quick example first of all I’m going to jump into the site explorer options here now or you need to do is put in a Domain and it will go back and analyze that domain and pull back a range of information and metrics from both Moz and majestic you can look at all of the breakdown of the back links here you can look at all of the anchor text breakdown along with topical trust flows for referring domains and so forth and there’s a complete breakdown of everything both from a hrefs and majestic which means you get a huge database of back links and it really leaves no stone left unturned whatsoever you also have the option here to view back links and you can view all of those in just one click and let me remind you, you can do this for your competitor or your own domain and then you have the option to view a range of metrics as well so once you kind of finished looking at domain we can jump into the backlinks Explorer. Now what this does is return every single link for any domain that you enter here and use and the domain click show clicks and I’m going to show you a report from my site here. And it breaks everything down in much more detail than it did in the previous report and you can explore every single backlink to CSV in one click now this on its own is a very, very, powerful tool to have because one of my favorite as you strategies is to replicate my competitors profiles which is essentially just find their best backlinks and still it’s simple as that and normally to be able to do that you need a subscription to ahrefs which cost ninety ndollars a month on its own but this is included with the cost of your search subscription and combines both the a href backlink database with the majestic database which makes it even more powerful than just having a subscription one tall or the other so that’s how you analyze domains But let’s take a step back and look at how we actually find age domains with SEO authority to register and there’s a lot of different tools to do this but let’s jump into the age domain finder first. Now you can choose where to find domains are going to expire or domains have already expired you can choose to enter keyword that you would like included in the domain along with different target metrics you’re looking for so let’s say moz domain authority 10 and then majestic citation interest flow a minimum of ten each as well you can choose exactly which domain extensions that you are looking for and then you just click Search and that will instantly bring back a list of Domain that are available to register right now with the metrics that you want and you can see here there are some very good domains of available to register here to either build a niche site on or to use as part of a private blog network for example advertise citation flow twenty one trust follow seventeen, it expired three hours ago and I could just literally jump on Go Daddy right now and register that for around nine dollars a year and start using it as either my niche site or as part of a private blog network and you know I mean that took like ten seconds to find all of these domains that meet my minimum metrics here.

Here we’ve got along with citation flow forty one which is incredible and domain some all kinds of different niches here all you know .com, .org, .co, .uk is really, really, good powerful domains available register right now for just nine dollars and that’s just one of the domain finding towards you also have the expired scraper which is a little bit from any of the over tools I’ve seen to find domains so if we just jump into that quickly now what this does is. If you let’s say you’re entering a niche but you want to buy a domain that already has links from Wikipedia for example you could type in this little search box and hit. And that will go out and scan Wikipedia for it too to find broken links to domains that have expired.

So for example in this report from Wikipedia it found that there were 26 domains Wikipedia currently links to the are available to register with Go Daddy for just nine dollars. And as you can see that some great domains here will be point made in some point in the technique or kinds of different domains have existing links from Wikipedia all you need to do is register the domain and build the site or even redirected to your site so you can take advantage of that we keep linked niche.

Now one of the ways I really like to use this tool and it’s kind of sneaky is if you import your competitor’s domain in here you can find domains are available to register that have the links from your competitors and then you can redirect links from your competitors to your site if you play it smart you could actually end up with your top three four five competitors linking to you and they won’t actually know they are even linking to you. It’s kind of sneaky it’s under the radar but it works really well and this tall makes. Easy to find those opportunities in just a couple of clicks one of the of a cool tools to find domains from is the auction master now in the auction master this pulls but all of the domains are currently listed for sale from places like Flipper digital point free market and aftermarket which typically are domain sources you don’t find in tools like this and this works very nicely because this is just an instant list of domains that are available for sale along with all of the various metrics such as citation flow trust flow number of back links social shares domain authorities and so forth and these domains are available to buy right now these are the Buy It Now prices that you see though some of them will be auction so we can see here visitor is available for one dollar right now we have citation for thirty seven interest the row flow, sorry, thirty nine which is. Super powerful domain and we also have some of a for twenty-one to fifteen dollars and you get the idea you can scroll through here and pick out any domains that currently for sale right now and even buy them or bid on them you also have the ability to move into the tools here and analyze the domains in just one click so you can get a better look at the Backlink profile and make sure it’s not heavily spammed or going to be subject to any kind of penalty.

Now there are some over tools to find domains but I’m just going to run through these quickly because you could spend all day speaking about finding domains of this tool. So we also have the top expiring domains tools and this is a list of the mains. Are all even expired right now or expiring in the next twenty-four hours so you can just jump in and register them just a normal price is to register a new dot com domain and which is nine dollars with Go Daddy or around that we’ve named cheap. Again you can see all of the metrics that you need to make the right decision and you can in one click do more detailed analysis on the domains, the over cool tool because there’s quite a few but the exact match domains tool is really cool you can just set this up. And to your target list of keywords and what this will do is go out and find exact match domains that are available to register with various metrics so here I was looking for available domains for lawyers in London and you can see here they came back and found a range of Domain available to register, so that sums up all of the main research tools how to find domains how to analyze domains how to find out all of their backlinks and their complete histories if this module on its own is very-very powerful whether you’re looking to buy a new domain for a niche site or as part of a private blog network so let’s move on to the site management portion of the tool.

So let’s jump in to the site manager module here now you should add all of your sites in here and you can get a complete overview of how it’s performing along with a range of the key SEO metrics and if we just jump into the actual manager for my blog here. You can see all kinds of information and I’m going to take you through each of the tabs here. And you can also add specific in and pages and target keywords that you want to pay close attention to here so let’s take a look first at the site statistics now this pulls back all of your social data and historical Moz metrics and majestic metrics as well and also the details of all of your main keywords track you can also get a complete over look at your current backlink profile which combines the data from a hrefs and majestic and look at your anchor text cloud as well just to make sure everything is taking over as it should be, you can also compare your site against competitors and monitor how they’re growing in comparison to you and you can also get the full site stats of each of your competitors here as well and one of the cool features is the SEO review now I’m going to show you a little bit later on how we use a client acquisition tools to create SEO reviews for potential clients completely automated and how it sends all of those out but right now it’s just going through my site, looking for areas of weaknesses from an SEO perspective and then it will generate a report that we can share download or email so you can see my score is out of 100 and it’s a bunch of recommendations here for me to fix.

So the site manager is a really good place to get an overview of all of your sites make sure everything is running as it should and also to compare against your competitors, now one of the most underused features but i think is very handy is that surf that actually has built in web analytics so you can track all of your visitors where they’re coming from what they’re doing the pages that we visit and so on what makes us really cool over and above Google Analytics is that it’s completely footprint list as in if you were using google analytics across all of your sites in the same account that’s a footprint whereas with SERPed they’ve got tons of different domains in the tracking code so there’s no footprint with the analytics and how it tracks things and just like analytics you can see exactly where people are coming from you’ve got real time data it supports goal conversion so you can track when people are opting in or clicking affiliate links and everything like that and this is just a handy little extra feature that most people probably won’t be aware of in this tool but it’s great if you run if you have more than one niche site or you’re running a private blog network and you want to keep an eye on traffic this is a really powerful feature that’s included at no extra cost.

Now one of the other powerful features is the backlinks manager, and what the backlinks manager allows you to do is keep an eye on around 4,000 backlinks to your site and what it does is it monitors for changes, so you could load up your most powerful backlinks into this tool and it will make sure it will first of all let you know if any kind, if backlink goes down it gets deleted or removed for any reason or if the anchor text changes or anything like that it will monitor that and will notify you when changes happen to your most important backlinks.

Now the reason I like this is the only other service are available for this is called monitor and it’s actually quite expensive to monitor 5,000 backlinks they’re charging a hundred and twenty dollars a month just to monitor 5,000 backlinks but your surf heading subscription includes the ability to monitor 4,000 free of charge and as you can see it gives you a nice summary here of your most important backlinks and what’s currently going on with them along with the anchor texts used we have been deleted if it’s a problem with this site and so forth.

So the backlinks manager is a really cool extra tool that you’d normally be paying dollars a month for that included free of charge it’s part of your subscription here so just to try and save a bit of time I’m going to jump through the site management features quite quickly first of all we’ve got an uptime monitor, if you were going to use something like uptime robot you’d be paying fifteen dollars a month for this but it is included here it monitors the uptime of your site completely and you can drill down into much more detailed reports we can see that yesterday my response time jumped really high through the roof so that’s something for me to pay attention to just to see what was causing that problem but overall we can see that it had a very good book time a record so far moving on we can also do automated backups if you’ve got a cPanel account you can have it automatically backup every week, two weeks, one month or three months and you can also restore the backups from here as well it’s really cool and then there is the WordPress manager which they’ve actually moved into other tools here but essentially you upload a plug-in from SERPed again it’s completely footprint less so don’t worry about leaving any footprint and here you can manage your blog entirely so you can see if the word press calls needs updating if there’s any plugins that need updating if there’s any themes that need updating and you can manage everything easily here without actually having to log into WordPress, now this becomes really handy when you’ve got maybe sites that you’re trying to take care of because you can just click bulk update and that will automatically in one click go and update all of the plugins, beans and WordPress core without any hassle at all.

So let’s move into the rank tracking module now you can track local SEO rankings your usual global rankings for Google Bing and Yahoo you can run quick checks you can track your rankings on YouTube itself and also your products are amazon now first of all let’s jump into the local tracking and honestly I have never ranked a local SEO site in my life and as such this area of the circa is underused for me but here you can easily track your local rankings in various cities you also have the option to track by adding maps as well and it will bring back a top 13 result and you can see how their positions have changed over time which is also very handy when you’re trying to find out why certain people have jumped from ranked 13 to rank 18 or maybe someone has dropped down in rankings and so on but let’s jump into the global tracking this is really where I do a lot of my SEO work and here you can see here totally I’m tracking 166 keywords right now adding new keywords is easy you just click up here and choose exactly which engines that you want to track and also if you want to check the mobile rankings as well and then here this is just a summary page we can find the biggest gainers, the biggest losers and we can find our top keywords by search volume and again here we can choose a keyword and look at how those rankings have changed over time and see how our competitors have even jumped up or drop down in rankings and if we just jump over here the currently monitored you can view all of the keywords that I am tracking right here and then we can even have a look at how those rankings have progressed over time you see I used to be number one for that and I’ve dropped down to number two and you can choose whether you’re tracking google Bing or yahoo and really drill down into much more detail and if you want to very quickly check and where your ranking for keywords you can just click up here add a new keyword group click Submit and it will instantly bring back your current rankings for any given keyword along with search volumes and the option to do a much more detailed analysis on the keyword.

So let’s jump into the YouTube tracker now for every video that you add this is a summary page and you can see your average position average rankings average views likes dislikes comments and so forth and let’s just give you an example with a video I’m currently tracking in the tiered link building series if we just click here we can see the overall statistics for that video itself along with all of the keywords its ranking for, its current position and so forth we can even jump in and take a look at the historical graph of rankings and see how rankings have changed over time, let’s just jump back here in the dates and you can see this video has been ranked number one for its target keyword pretty much the whole time as a couple of blips where it dropped down through rank and number two. Also what I really like about the YouTube tracker and this makes things really easy to outrank your competitors is if you just click this analyze button it will actually go out and fetch all of the videos that are currently ranking in the top 10 for the search term and then pull back a range of other information which you can see it load in here social shares, moz information, stacks of the video views likes comments and so forth so this makes it really easy for you to get an overview of your competition in the YouTube rankings and I’m not aware of any of a tool that does it quite this good there are other YouTube rank trackers out there but none of them that combine all of these additional SEO and social metrics as well so if you do anything on YouTube and ranking your videos on you tube the YouTube rank tracker here is actually very powerful indeed.

Now I’m going to look at the Amazon tracker quickly as well I’m guessing most people watch this video will use this very much but what this does is it allows you to track the rankings of products on Amazon search itself so I actually have some an amazon products that I’ve been tracking here and we can just click into it now what you do here for any of you Amazon sellers is you just take the ascent ID and enter in with a long list of keywords that you want to track and that’s pretty much it, it will then go and look where your ranking so right now we can see this product is ranking number 10 for HCA Garcinia Cambogia number just for Garcinia Cambogia on its own and just like with YouTube you can come here click analyze and it will analyze your top 10 competitors on amazon as well and as you can see it’s also pulling in all of those other information from my social shares and so on so for people that are working on amazon this is a great extra tool but i feel like it might not be relevant for many of the people that are watching this video right now.

So that’s all there is to the rank tracking and now I’m going to move into the client acquisition set of tools now this pay attention this set of tools is seriously powerful the four of them I’m going to show you each but the site order to pro is responsible for adding six figures to my agency’s bottom line, this tool alone is responsible for that now what this tool does is if you visit my agency website you’ll see we have this option to get a free SEO report or people have to do is enter their website URL and click analyze my website now what this actually does is it sends the information intercept and then it generates a report that I have customized here with all of the different sections in it and then I’ve got a call to action it gets included at the end of the report and let’s just do a little preview of the report here quickly which looks like this now this report automatically gets generated makes a bunch of SEO recommendations and people can either download it as a PDF or view its HTML webpage and in here the you can customize exactly what’s included in the report you can customize the opt-in process and what information that it asks for and then you can integrate it with a range of different services that you can see right here so this is what happens people click start my free SEO analysis now the enter the website URL click analyze my website.

Now that takes them over to a different page that starts to generate the report and then as its generating the report it asks for their name and email address that then gets sent into Infusion soft and as part of my email sequence campaign here we can see people request the SEO analysis they get the email sequence here that goes through and that automatically nurtures the new leads now this tool has added six figures to the bottom line of my agency this is no joke this is a very seriously powerful tool to help you generate SEO leads for even for your own agency or to resell to other agencies it’s seriously powerful and very-very very flexible as well and that’s not the only client acquisition tool that SERPed has I’m going to take you through the others as well and let’s start with a mobile prospector because that is also very powerful now what this does is it allows you to enter any keyword and then choose which Google search engine you want it to search and let’s just look at this sample I did a search for plumber Manchester, Manchester is a city in the United Kingdom and if we click on View what this does is it has gone through the top 100 results in Google for plumber Manchester and then determined if they are mobile friendly or not so of the top 100 sites in Google of them 14 were not mobile friendly so we can go down here and you’ll also notice it’s pulled in all of the different contact information that it’s found as well like email address and phone number for example so all of these people that have not got a mobile friendly website we can select them and then we can choose to send them an email and here we can just send an email that pretty much says hey we found out we’ve been looking at your site we realized it’s not mobile friendly that can cause some problems for rankings it might be holding you back in Google you’re losing business and how about we make the site mobile friendly for you, so you can usually charge people anywhere between sort of five hundred and two thousand dollars to make this site mobile friendly and depending what you can do it as a few different options but it could just be as easily as installing a plugin for WordPress to make their site mobile friendly and this mobile prospect at all stores everything it finds obviously sites that are mobile-friendly it allows you it pulls back all their contact information and in one click you can send out a pitch to people and I’ve just jumped over to the blog quickly here because if you actually look at the SERPed post on my blog you can get a copy of a script here that you can use in which to outreach people understand just plate or to come down here take a look at this screenshot and you can sea sample email you can send out to people to pitch them the conversion to mobile and the benefits of doing so.

So that’s the mobile prospects at all I’ve not seen another tool like it and I mean you could pitch a hundred people in less than ten minutes and you’re bound to get a bite and a client there and to start the mobile conversion process for them it’s easy money, easy-easy easy money and the other client acquisition tool there’s two others citation scan and review budges I’m just going to show you the citation scanner quickly and if you’re doing local SEO you’re probably using something like bright local or white spark and let me tell you right now you can cancel your subscriptions to them because all you need is this citation scanner and again using our keyword of plumber and Manchester we can view the report here and this has found the top 10 results for that keyword in Manchester and then it’s showing us exactly which citations are available so in in the database here there’s a 179 citations sources that sir is aware of this site only has of them which means there are a lot more to register so you can come down here and you’ll find that it’s got a citation from flip and we can just click to view that listing quickly and here you can see the details of the business along with a little map and then what’s really cool is that you can see all of these citations that are not found and in just one click you can create the listing so we can click create listing and start entering the business information here so this makes it really easy to find and add citations for any of your clients and again you can use this to pitch people directly for your local SEO services which then in essence is just a case of going through clicking view results and going through and creating each of these listings easily one by one.

Now the citation scanner supports all kinds of different countries here and you can see the USA databases 293 sources a Canadian the Brazilian nine and you can go through and generate these reports in just a couple of clicks it’s super-super super powerful and another great way that you can use SERPs to make a bunch of money really easily so as I’m recording this I’m becoming aware it’s becoming a little bit long so I’m just going to burn through some of the other features quickly one is the social exchanger this is like a teamwork marketplace so for example you can get people here someone’s asking for you to vote down in Amazon review this is asking for five-star yelp reviews this is asking for LinkedIn company follows and the way this works is that you can set a task and you can complete tasks or other people and in credits and then spend those credits getting people to do things like Facebook like and share or comment on your blog post or whatever it is, is just a great way to get some initial traction for any mini micro tasks that you might have we also have the link index here just paste in a list of the backlinks that you want to index and click send URL for indexing and it supports a bunch of different indexing services you can also have the use of Google index checker to check which URLs our index and which are not you have a grammar checker so you can paste in some text which I’m going to do here and then you can check the grammar and it will come back and let you know if there’s any problems there, you also have the content creator enter a keyword select your options and this will actually go out and generate a unique article for you in just one click so here you can see and it’s actually very readable as well and not only that but you can post it to WordPress in one click or you can have it in spin text so it’s all unique and you can use that in any of your link building tools that you want you also have the content restorer here so if there’s a site on you can just paste in the URL and you can rebuild the site from in just one quick news paste URL in here click go and then once it’s finished you can download the HTML site to use as you wish right there.

And last but not least you can use the internal here because over tools in a linking profile you can actually take a look at your complete internal linking profile and if we look here you can see these are all the internal links pointing to my agency homepage wherever they do follow or not and we’re here we’re using image links but if we look at a different report here you can also see the anchor text that have been used as well and let’s take a look at that quickly just to show you they’re also all image links let’s try here, here you can see the anchor here is actually the naked URL so this is great to get a good look at your internal linking profile and optimize that based on what we found earlier in the what ranks where module when we were looking for opportunities of keywords to just bump their rankings a little bit.

So that brings us to the end of the SERPed review. I’m sorry it’s been so long but it’s jam-packed with handy tools that are really-really helpful and I wanted to show you actually using them and how they can benefit you and we’ve covered everything from how to do niche research find keywords I aspiring our competitors, we’ve looked at how to research domains, find powerful domains that are expired and available to register, we’ve looked at how you can make money using the claim acquisition tools the mobile prospector, we’ve looked at rank tracking for both well Google, Yahoo, Bing YouTube, Amazon and so much more really it’s a great suite of tools and what makes it great is because it pulls data from all of the different sources that you can see on your screen right now and that’s Moz, a hrefs, SEMRush, majestic SEO or Photo labs, Go daddy, Snap necks and so many more and each of these tools separately costs a lot of money but we’ve searched none of that’s required everything is included in that really low monthly subscription fee and you can really use sir to replace all of the tools that you’re seeing on the screen right now and that season not only does it save a lot of money per month but it also makes the management of everything much easier because all of you data all of your information all of your projects or linking rankings everything is under one roof rather than having to log into multiple different tools and services to manage everything so saves you a bunch of time and it saves you a huge amount of money every month that you use it and is honestly it’s not often I say this about a tool but this is an absolutely essential SEO tool to have in your asker.

I’ve been using it now for nearly three years and this is actually my second update to the review because I find it really useful and they keep adding new features and new tools which is why I’ve had to update the review just to show you all of that new value that they’ve been adding over the last year or so.

So that concludes a SERPed to review it’s an absolutely invaluable tool to improve your rankings and bring more traffic to your site it will save you a bunch of money per month and a lot of time as well.

How To Use SERPed To Manage Your Site

Knowing your site’s baseline is important before you start using any tool. Because once you know where you are – even if it’s absolute ground zero – you can see where you’re going.

SERPed lets you monitor your entire SEO progress, in real-time, from its dashboard. And you’ll be able to monitor every possible increment from right here.

#1: Project Manager

The first step is to set up your brand new project. To do that, follow this process:

Project Manager > Create New Project

Here you’ll find five steps to follow to get your site all setup. They’re pretty straightforward and don’t take long.

create project matt woodward

If there’s anything you’re unsure of, you can follow along with the tutorials or leave it for later.

For example, you’re going to conduct a lot of keyword research in section two, so you can wait until then if you don’t know the keywords for your site yet.

And, if you don’t know who your competitors are yet, you can use the Suggest Competitor tool on that page for results from the SERPed algorithm:

add competitors with arrow

The only other stage you may find a little road-block is the Add to Tools section. 

I’d suggest you just select your countries and take the default settings – unless you have a specific need – so you get coverage across the board.

add tools in serped

After you enter all your data, it’ll take about 15 minutes to run its analytics.

Trust me, its worth the wait. So go & grab a coffee and come back in a minute. Then you can move on.

#2: Manage Your Site From One All-In-One Dashboard

Now your site is set up, you can head to the dashboard to start seeing where your site sits in the world of SEO.

This is in a different part of the tool, so if you’ve done other work waiting for this to load, here’s how you find it again:

Site Management > Site Manager

On this page you can access all of the important, back of house, information about your site from this toolbar:

dashboard number three

That includes the buttons at the top and the coloured icons. Now, I’m not going to cover each of them in this section – you don’t need all of them right now.

Instead, I’m going to talk about the essentials that will make a difference right now to your site. Starting with this Manage Site page…

dashboard screenshot

Here you do a quick check-up on your site and see how your main ranking factors are performing. If there are any glaring issues, or there’s one specific holding you back, it will become quickly apparent right here.

There’s also a breakdown of your important inner-pages of content (like blog posts) so you can track the individual progress of each of those. Great if you have a specific goal in mind for a piece of content.

inner pages statistics

Let’s get into the nitty gritty and explore more about what you can achieve in this dashboard, shall we?

Remember all of the following pages are accessible from the dashboard at the top of the page.

#3: Check Your Real-Time Site Statistics

This section shows you a complete breakdown of the important metrics for your site.

You have access to your real-time live data including your social metrics:

site statistics

And you can access information that you’d usually need three or four different tools to access.

For example, you have the Moz and Majestic data side by side on the same page:

moz and majestic data

You also receive information about your target keywords, so you can see fluctuations and changes in their search volume too. Allowing you to re-target, or up your game, based on the current situation.

keyword data site statistics page

#4: The Link Building Tool That Reveals All

This tool is insanely helpful for link building. Especially if you have a pre-existing agreement over that link.

You can access it this way:

Site Management > Backlinks Profile

This is where you add all of your most-important backlinks manually and track them.

For example, if you’ve paid for a link, or created a guest post in exchange for a link, you can monitor what the site is doing with that link. Or, if that site has been deindexed.

backlinks manager page

This adds a level of control to your link building that other tools just don’t give you. Because without it, you wouldn’t be aware of any of what was happening with your links.

The tool will even notify if a link goes offline, so you can rectify the issue at your earliest opportunity.

If you’re using a PBN you can also manage the anchor text for your links to avoid penalties for over optimisation, too.

You can break this down in any way you like as well.

You can focus on links you’re building for a single piece of content (Inner Pages as it’s known on SERPed), too.

backlink manager

It also gives you a complete breakdown of the quality of your links.

You’re able to view a complete breakdown of the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your links here as well.

breakdown of authoirty

If you click on any of the blue-highlighted numbers that will take you through to a breakdown of those links.

So you can manage them and see why they are where they are.

click through links

If you’re serious about link building – you are, right? – this is a must have tool that saves you about $300 a month in paying someone else to do it.

#5: SEO Auditor

Which of these situations fits you?

  • You run your own Affiliate Site
  • You’re a blogger
  • You have SEO clients
  • You run a niche site

If you tick any of those boxes then this tool is one you need to be using. It’s a complete SEO Auditor, that updates as you make changes to your site, so you can see your progress.

You can access it through the SEO review button, as shown below:

seo auditor

If you’re working with clients – especially if you’re trying to convert a potential client – you can share this with them to show them how much their SEO needs improving.

Making it a much more effective sales tool than the standard, half-assed, pitches you receive on a day to day basis.

The results you get are detailed and instantly actionable. If you’re not an SEO by trade, you can use this as a simple check sheet to improve your basic site SEO.

auditor number two

#6: Make Sure Your Site Is Always Online

Imagine your site kept going offline and you had no idea about it.

If, at certain points in the day, you were losing search traffic (and sales) because your page wasn’t there.

There’s also the worry that you’re being penalised, ever so slightly, by Google for having a slow site speed. Thankfully, this in-built uptime monitor gives you daily insights into your site.

You can get to it by heading to:

Site Management > Uptime Manager

It’ll them give you a minute by minute analysis of your site’s uptime:

serped uptime monitor service

You can track, monitor and improve your sites performance. All while seeing the results in real-time. Making sure your site is always running and optimal efficiency.

This Section In Short

The SERPed Site Management is the tool you need to manage, monitor and improve your SEO all in one place. Being able to see your results live, and work from that data, is vital.

Here are the steps you need to take and the information you’ll gain.

Set Up Your Project

Head to:

Project Manager > Create New Project

Here you can input all of your site settings. Add keywords and tools. And, receive a thorough breakdown of your site’s current situation.

add keyword

Access The Site Managed Dashboard

Once your site is all uploaded go to:

Site Management > Site Manager

Here you’re going to see a quick breakdown of your site, as well as a list of other, more-in-depth options. They’re accessible through this dashboard:

dashboard number three

Let’s cover the essentials of each main tab…

Site Statistics

This is where you can access the important metrics for your site. You’ll be able to access Moz, Majestic and Keyword data for your to monitor and improve your site from:

moz and majestic data

Add Your Important Backlinks

Access the backlinks manager tool through:

Site Manager > Backlinks Manager

Or by clicking the button at the top of the site manager page.

This is where you can add all of your most important, value-adding backlinks and monitor them. If you’ve bought, or exchanged a link, you can see if it’s still online.

You can also see where you’re losing links to your competitors, for example if someone has Skyscrapered your content, and regain them.

backlink manager

Audit Your Own Site

Click the SEO Audit button on the dashboard and receive an insight on your site, and where you need to make instant improvements.

You can improve your site in just a few hours paying attention to this:

seo auditor

Monitor Your Uptime

Make sure your site speed is where it should be and make sure you’re never dropping offline.

Access the tool through:

Site Management > Uptime Monitor

And you’ll get all the data you need:

serped uptime monitor service

How To Perform Next-Level Keyword Research

Keyword research is arguably the most important part of your SEO. But, it can also be one of the most confusing aspects of the entire SEO process.

You’re forever faced with questions like:

  • Is this something people actually search for?
  • Is this keyword profitable?
  • What if this is the wrong keyword for my content?
  • Can I even rank for this keyword?

And that’s what the SERPed Keyword Research Platform answers for you. You can dig deeper. Get more data. And, take better action. All in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Here’s how you can get every last drop from it…

Note: For this entire section I’m going to focus on keywords for the travel niche, so feel free to steal the results if that’s your niche 😉

#7: Use The Ultimate Research Tool To See Real-Time Relevant Keywords

In the dashboard follow these steps to access the ultimate research tool:

Keyword Research > Ultimate Research

That will take you right to this page:

serped keyword tool

It’s by far the most simple looking keyword research tool ever. But, don’t be fooled. The results are big.

Go ahead and enter your information into the search box. I’m going to go for Travel Photography in the United Kingdom.

travel photography keyword search

This will take you to a complete list of keywords that are relevant to the keyword heads and tails you’ve chosen. It may produce some results that don’t quite fit your site. But I’ll show you how to deal with that in the next few steps.

However what I want you to look at here first is the depth of information you get. You can see:

  • Search Frequency
  • Pay Per Click Competition
  • Pay Per Click Cost
  • Traffic Value

One of my favourite parts of SERPed it has the ability to show you the frequency of this search, too. With the red or green indicators to show you whether this is a hot search or not:

monthly search data

#8 – #19: Use Hyper-Specific Filters To Get The Results You Want

Okay, I just mentioned the tool may give you some irrelevant results. What search tool doesn’t, right?

Well you can use super specific filters to cut through the results and find only the keywords that are right for your content.

Here’s how to include, or exclude specific keywords:

Keyword Filters

Include > Keyword > Equal To > [Keyword]

include keyword

Exclude > Keyword > Equal To > [Keyword]

search (2)

You can also filter based on Average Monthly Search Volume:

Average Search Volume Filters

Include > Average Search > Less Than > [Amount]
search (5)Include > Average Search > Equal To > [Amount]
search (3)Include > Average Search > Greater Than > [Amount]

average monthly search

Change Include for Exclude to get results that omit search volumes.

And, by Cost Per Click:

Cost Per Click Filters

Include > CPC > Less Than > [Amount]

cpc less than

Include > CPC > Equal To > [Amount]cpc equal to

Include > CPC > Greater Than > [Amount]cpc greater thanSwap Include for Exclude to get results that omit CPC costs.

Finally, you can filter out based on the number of words in the keyword:

Word Number Filters

Include > Words Number > Less Than > [Amount]

words number

Include > Words Number > Equal To > [Amount]

words number (2)

Include > Words Number > Greater Than> [Amount]

words number (1)

Swap Include for Exclude to get results that omit specific word amounts.

#20: Seamlessly Drill Down To Find High-Value Long Tail Keywords

Once your keywords are filtered out, you have two options:

  1. You can collect the data from here and export it to a .CSV file. (Recommended).
  2. You can drill down to get hundreds of long-tail keywords you can easily rank for. (Also recommended).

The first stage is simple. There are three dots above the search results.

Click them and you’ll be able to export the results into multiple formats:

export options

The next stage is more exciting, don’t worry. 

Head back to your sheet and find a keyword that you like, with the data that you’re looking for. For me, it’s the target keyword, Travel Photography:

travel photography keyword result

That cog at the end of the result is about to become your new best friend.

If you click it you have access to a number of powerful options – that I’m going to cover over the next few stages – but go ahead and click the Get Long Tail Keywords option:

get longtail keyword options

On the next screen select the database you want to drill down through.

And then, like magic, you’re given hundreds more long-tail keywords with an epic level of detail.

travel photography big picture

Export this set of results, too. That should already give you a couple of hundred keywords to work with. But, don’t stop just yet, we’re going to go to another level of depth.

This is where SERPed begins to stand out even more. Find one more keyword that you like, for example, the one below, and click the Run button at the end of its row.

travel photography drill down result

Because my starter keyword was already pretty niche the results aren’t wow! but they’re still pretty d*** good. Check out this list of keywords you could easily rank for that little extra traffic:

travel photography drill down results step two

If you start with a broader Keyword, there’s really no limit of how far down you can drill.

Find a keyword. Drill down. Use those results to drill down again. And again. And again. Until you have an entire group of focus keywords you can’t not get traffic with.

#21: But Wait, It Doesn’t Stop There…

See how on each result there is an Analyze button? Take a second and click it.

analyse button

That will bring up related searches for that exact keyword and all of their data, too:

travel photography related searches

Then you can drill down from those keywords and get even more specific search terms. It’s a never ending resource of solid keywords.

Evidently, Travel Photography as a niche is far less tapped into than you’d expect as well. Which is odd considering the volume of travel blogs there are out there.

Anyway, once you’ve drilled deep, you’re going to need to know whether that keyword is worth trying to rank for or not. That takes me on this seamless segue to the next step…

#22: One Click Strategy To Outrank Your Competition

Imagine if you could know exactly how to rank for any keyword. How much better would your results be?

Well, with the SERPed Keyword Analyser, you get exactly that.

No matter what keyword tool you’re in when you find a keyword you like, click it:

travel photography analyzer

That will take you to a page where you can uncover the strategy you need to rank for this keyword. Take a look:

keyword specific data

Here you can see the SERP for that keyword, in order, and all of the ranking factors they’re using to maintain that position.

This data is insanely useful. Not only because it gives you insight into pages you can steal rankings from – more on that later – you can develop an actionable strategy.

For example, check out the number two result from Tech Radar. It’s green, so it’s easy to approach.

techradar backlink

If you’re a new site, you’re probably beaten on Domain Authority and Page Authority right now. But, you have opportunities to outrank them by:

  • Generating social shares and growing social signals to the page
  • Starting a link building campaign to that content
  • Building more trust flow to your website
  • Increasing the number of referring domains

This information shows you the chinks in the armour of your competitors. So you can attack with extreme precision.

You can use this for every keyword you want to rank for. Whether it’s a specific piece of content, or for your entire niche site, the data is actionable instantly.

And, by using the site manager from the last section, you can compare it with how far you need to go to get the results you want.

#23: Use What Ranks Where To Create Keyword Relevant Content

What Ranks Where, according to Colin the creator of SERPed, is one of the most underused tools. Which is madness, because you mine some truly valuable data for it.

You can access it through this process:

Keyword Research > What Ranks Where

That takes you to a page where you can enter the details for any of your competitor sites. You may already know who this is, or you may be able to find it from the competitor page of the site manager section.

Either way, input their information here:

expert vagabond

Submit it, and on the next page you’re able to see:

  • Exact keywords that site is ranking for
  • The position they rank for it (and the previous position)
  • The (estimated) percentage of traffic that keyword generates
  • The average monthly searches for that term

This allows you to find which keywords are worth focusing on, or profitable, in your niche. Or what topics you need to be focusing on to generate more search traffic.

Here’re the results for one of the worlds most popular travel blogs, The Expert Vagabond:

what ranks where expert vagabond results

Okay, he ranks pretty highly for a lot of terms. He’s big game to catch. But let’s look at a step by step guide on how to outrank for this term.

I’m going to choose this specific term because it’s relevant to both Travel and Internet Marketing,

how to start a travel blog

Firstly, let’s run this keyword through the keyword analyser to see what you’re up against. This isn’t directly accessible from this section of the site, so you can open up the second tool by following this process:

Keyword Research > Keyword Analyser > Ctrl + Click

Enter the information and you’ll see the breakdown of the difficulty:

how to start a travel blog keyword difficulty

This gives you not only the information about how to outrank him but how else you can land on the first page, too. It also shows that ranking for this keyword is definitely possible.

Now you can start to build content that will rank. Click through directly to his content to see exactly what he’s written about. And see how great the content is.

I’ll be honest, it’s pretty good. But, nothing is unskyscraperable (term I just coined):

expert vagabond site screenshot

This shows you the content to beat for the keyword. And, all you have to do now is create content that beats it.

The beauty here is that you also have access to all the links that point back to this (and every other site ranking) so you can outreach and steal links back to your new content that’s even better.

expert vagabond backlinks screenshot

This Section In Short

The Keyword Research you can perform with SERPed is some of the most specific and actionable I’ve ever seen. Everything is backed by data to make sure you make informed, fact driven decisions.

Here’s what to do, step-by-step:

#1: Use The Ultimate Research Tool To Find Highly Relevant Keywords

The Ultimate Research tool provides you with all of the relevant keywords to your root keywords. You can find it here:

Keyword Research > Ultimate Research

Enter your target keyword, the country you want to rank in, and hit submit. This will give you hundreds of keywords you can start to use in your content.

travel guides keyword

You can then use specific filters to weed out the keywords you don’t want and find your hyper-specific keywords. 

#2: Drill Down To Find The Most Valuable, Easy To Rank Keywords

Once you’ve found a keyword you like, you can drill down easily to find the long-tail keywords associated with it. All you have to do is select the cog, and choose Long Tail Keywords:

get longtail keywords

This will take you to a page where you can see all of the long tail keywords associated with that root keyword:

long tail hotels keyword

And, when you find another keyword you like, like this one below, you can run a deeper search:

hotels in scotland keyword

That will show you results for all of the long tails for that keyword:

hotels in scotland drill down

You can wash, rinse and repeat this as many times as you need to until you find the right keywords for your content. Or, the right keywords to create your content.

#3: Find Relevant Search Terms In Just One Click

While you’re in the long tail keywords tool, you can click the orange Analyze button, which will show you even more relevant search terms for your keyword.

Perfect to help you tailor your content to search queries:

hotels scotland related

#4: Use The What Ranks Where Tool To Pick Apart Your Competitors Rankings

The final took you need to be using is the What Ranks Where Tool. It allows you to see all of your competitors keywords, the links that rank for them.

Giving you the data to build a data-driven attack on their rankings, and strategically position yourself on the first page.

adventurous kate backlinks

And, once you have the data, you can use it create Skyscraper Content – or keyword specific content – so not only can you outrank them for keywords, you can use their backlinks to do it.

How To 10x Your Domain Research And Build An Empire

Whether you’re just getting started out in a new niche, add to your Private Blog Network or decide who to target for link building, this is the most advanced tool you’re going to find.

The Domain Analysis tools within S??ERPed allows you to make data-driven, informed decisions that you’d pay hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for elsewhere.

In this section I’ll show you exactly how to supercharge your domain research results and build the online presence you deserve.

#24: Get A Behind The Scenes Look At Any Site

With this tool you’re able to find out whether the site you’ve had your eye on is everything it claims to be.

Choose a domain – or use your own like I have – and head to the Site Explorer tool. You can find it here:

Domain Analysis > Site Explorer

Then enter the information about your target domain. Be sure to check both the with and without www. boxes to get a complete picture:

serped site explorer

This will give you the full details of every metrics you’ll need to know if a site is legit, or just a nice-looking front.

In the report, you’ll see data from all of your major SEO tools. Including Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs and Alexa data, so you can research your domain from every possible angle.

In the name of transparency, here’s what you’d need to know from my site:

site explorer data results

matt woodward site analysis results two

That’s one heck of a breakdown. If a domain isn’t worth your time, you’ll know in the space of 30 seconds.

And, if you do decide a site is worth your time you’ll be able to explore even further about what part of the site is going to get you your best, chosen results. But, you’ll see more of that in step #25, after I show you the next impressive part of the tool.

#25:…Or Analyse In Bulk For Massive Results

If you’ve got a handful of domains you want to explore, you can analyse them all at once, too. You can check the profiles of up to 20 separate URL’s at once in the bulk analyser tool.

Head to:

Domain Analysis > Bulk URL Analyser

And enter all of the domains you want to check out. And, to keep you excited, I’ve checked some of the information about your favourite bloggers.

Be sure to add the ‘www.’ at the start of each domain. If you don’t, it won’t process properly.

bulk url analyser

On the next page you’ll get a breakdown of the important metrics for each of your chosen URLs. Again, showing you Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs and Alexa data.

bulk url analyser results

If you have a specific metric you’re looking for and want to compare the sites against, you can do that as well. At the top of the page select the separate tables view button.

(For some reason it’s the one not highlighted green):

seperate tables view button

This makes the tables look a lot cleaner and easier to manage. Then, choose the metric most important to you from the top bar of the table.

Once you find the domains that work for you – let’s say a top five – you can go into deeper detail and take them into the single site explorer right from here.

Just select this option at the end of table (ctrl+click to open in a new tab if you’re using multiple):

deeper data

Once you’ve narrowed down to the sites you’re looking for, now it’s time to go deeper. In the next step, I’ll show you how to get stuck into their backlink profile and decide if they’ve got the link juice you’re looking for.

#26-27: Effortlessly Explore The Domain Backlink Profile

There are two ways to access the backlink profile of your chosen site…

If you’ve used either of the above steps and ended up in the Site Explorer tool, at the bottom of the page you’ll find a button that takes you directly to the Backlink Explorer tool:

send to backlinks explorer

Or, if you’re going into this at a different time, you can find it through this process:

Domain Analysis > Backlink Explorer

Once you’re at the tool you can start to search based on your level of need. If you just quickly see if the site has what you’re looking for.

If you want a thorough, complete breakdown of every possible link referring to this site, you can perform a fast backlink check. Or, if you want to know every inch of their backlink profile, you can do a deep backlink check.

Here’s how to perform both…

Perform A Quick Backlink Check

When you’re taken to the page, your default option will be a fast backlink explorer. This shows you the need-to-know backlink information in just a few seconds.

fast backlink explorer

You’ll want to choose this option if you’re looking for:

  • An overview of the quality of links the site receives
  • The types of sites linking to this domain
  • The most common anchor text used
  • Competitor backlinks you can steal for yourself
  • Sites that link back to this type of content you can target

You’re also able to filter out these results based on the specific information you want. Such as anchor text, do/no follow links and their trust and citation flow:

backlink filter results

This is a wonderfully easy backlink explorer to use. And, you get the exact same quality you would with any paid backlink explorer tool in just a few seconds.

backlinks explorer results

If you’re a stickler for data though, this won’t be enough. Which is why you’ll want to head on over to the Deep Backlink Explorer instead.

How To Perform A Deep Backlink Search

With the Deep Backlink Explorer you’re able to view much more link data. And, although it takes a couple of minutes to process, you’re going to be greeted with data like:

  • Domain Age
  • Moz Data
  • Alexa Data
  • Domain IP’s
  • Specific Do/No Follow Data

As well as being able to filter out like you can in the fast backlink explorer. On the first page of the tool, select the deep option from the check box at the bottom.

deep explorer option

Then, in the space underneath, you can choose the specific metrics you’re looking to analyse.

choose options backlinks explorer

Hit the Schedule Domain button and you’ll be told to wait a couple of minutes for a notification.

Depending on the size of the site, this time can vary, so go and grab a drink and come back. Or, try one of the other sections in the article.

waiting for data screenshot

If you don’t get a notification in five minutes, you can follow this process to find out the status of your explorer.

Domain Analysis > Backlink Analysis > Your Domains

If it’s ready, you can click the View button. Here’s one I (cheekily) made earlier:

your domains view button

That’ll give you a reuslt page with an insane amount of results. For example, here’s the results page showing all the major metrics for a backlink:

deep backlinks explorer search results

Making this a heck of a lot easier to process and determine the quality of their backlink profile.

You can also see a much more in-depth anchor text cloud:

anchor text cloud

The Moz and Alexa breakdown for the total backlink profile:

moz and alexa breakdown

And the domain ages of all of the backlinks too:

domain age breakdown

You’ve got so much data here that you can’t help but make an informed decision. And, while it may have taken you a while to read , in action these steps only take a few seconds to implement.

Okay, so whichever you choose, this is just how powerful the SERPed backlink analysis is so far.

In the next step I’ll show you how to find expired domains to build your PBN, or inject a new site into a niche with some of the legwork already done for you.

#28: Find Aged Domains To Build Your Empire

There are a few tools you can use in SERPed to help you build a PBN or find your new niche site. You’re going to see each of them in the next few steps.

This first tool is the Aged Domain Finder, which you can access right here:

Domain Research > Aged Domain Finder

This is going to show you all of the expiring domains that rank for your keyword the world over. And show you a breakdown of whether that site is worth your purchase.

You’ll be given an overview of each domain with information ranging from price and when they expire, to Majestic data and how many referring domains there are. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too. But you’ll see more on that later.

On the first page of the tool, select all the relevant information you need. I’ve kept it simple in the screenshot below. You’ll need to select at least three metrics from the boxes below, not including your keyword:

expiring domains

Then, choose where you want the domains to come from and the hosts you’d like them to be hosted with.

expired domains step two and three

Once you search you’ll be taken to a huge database of the aged and expiring domains that fit your needs.

You can filter them based on Domain Authority, Trust Flow and others by using the options in the top bar, also. Here are my results for the travel keyword that have been organised by their DA:

aged domain travel results

Not a bad set of results. There are definitely sites you can work with here. Let’s explore one together, shall we?

The top results after I filtered them out was Business Travel Tours. If you take a closer look at the result you can see icons underneath. They allow you to view:

  1. The host
  2. Screenshots of the site
  3. A Wayback machine page of the site
  4. The characters in the domain name
  5. A graph of the trust flow
  6. It’s status in Google
  7. A site explorer page of the result (as you saw at the start of this section)
  8. Backlink explorer of the site

results clip

You can really start to get a feel if relaunching this site as part of your PBN (Or as your own niche site) is going to be worthwhile. Which, it just might be.

Lets take a look at what the site used to look like. Click on the Wayback Machine icone (the clock with the reverse arrow) and you can select the most recent version of the site. That looks like this:

business travel tours wayback screenshot

Whoa, that’s a blast from the past, eh? It’s not been updated since 2012 and it has moderate metrics. Someone started well and dropped the ball here. It’s not going to be too hard to use, and update, this domain.

But is it as promising as I think it is? Well, running it through the site explorer, it’s a maybe.

trust flow batt

The trust flow is less than 0.50, which can indicate there are some spammy backlinks. But, the domain is old, so you may be able to clear that up with the disavow tool or by writing to webmasters.

By diving into the site and looking at some of the links there through the Backlink Explorer tool, it’d be a big task.

The site is useable if you clear it up, but the question would be – do you have the time and effort to clear up Doggy Dental Hygiene links that just chuck your name in there?

best seo tools backlink profiler

Its relationship with Google seems to be based mostly on sexual health:

google relationship

Okay, I’d pass on this site right now. It’s not lived up to the potential I thought it had.

But what I’ve tried to show you here is that all the data you can gain through SERPed helps you make better decisions. Instead of it being based on the top-level metrics, you get to see right through to the core of the site.

The same steps apply until you find the best domain for what you’re trying to build. Whether that’s this search, or the next one.

#29: Find Expired Domains With Must Have Links From Industry Sites

Got a site that you desperately want a backlink from? Well now is your chance to get it.

Many of the big sites that rank well have been around for a long time. They’ve got lots of pages. And, in turn, lots of outbound links.

You can almost guarantee that they’re not going through their outbound links regularly and checking that the domains are all still active. I know I’m not, are you?

Using that knowledge you can snag yourself an awesome domain with links from these sites and add it to your PBN. Or, you know, turn that site into your own niche site straight off the bat.

Go across to the Expired Scraper tool through:

Domain Research > Expired Scraper

Here you can search for a domain you’d like a backlink from. I’ve chosen the giant travel site, Lonely Planet:

lonely planet search

Search the domain and in a couple of minutes it’ll generate your results. You can access them by clicking the Your Search Domain History button above the search bar.

Choose the results of your domain search, and you’ll get all of the available domains with links back from the site you’re looking for. Jackpot.

lonely planet results

While you can do a deep search of the site, you don’t need to. See the info button on the right hand side of the results? Go ahead and click on that.

info button

That will bring up the information you need to know about that link. Like:

  • The link to the content it’s on
  • The anchor text
  • If it’s do or no follow

You can decide straight away if this is a link you can get juice from, or if it’s useless to you, like a blog comment.

This link is to a site called But Mitre. It’s do-follow, and it’s .com, which for me is a bonus. Let’s take a look at the content then.

butmitre results

It’s a directory page about a Cafe in Argentina called Blue Mitre. An opportunist might see it as…

You could straight away buy this site, turn it into a page about clubs in Argentina (or South America) and use it as a platform to link back to your site. Passing on that love back to you. (Heck, you could even adsense it).

but mitre lonely planet page

But, if you don’t see this as an opportunity – or whatever your result has shown up – here are a few different ways you could still get SEO results…

You could create a write up of this club for your site – especially if it’s open – and see if they’ll link back to you on your site. You could even find a Trip Advisor review to skyscraper.

Or, you can run this through the Backlinks Explorer and see who else is linking back to that site. Then, let them know the page is no longer in use, but you have better content they can link back to.

but mitre more results

Just because it doesn’t come up with the perfect result each time doesn’t mean there isn’t something to work with. With SERPed it’s easy to dig, dig and dig some more to find how you can turn it into a win.

#30: Join Every Domain Auction From One Dashboard

Not only does SERPed combine your SEO tools; it combines your domain tools like Flippa, After Market, Digital Point and Free Market as well.

Meaning you can analyse and purchase the top domains for your niche all in one place.

Go ahead and check out the Auction Master tool this way:

Domain Research > Domain Analysis > Auction Master

This is a live update of every domain available, and their vital stats, in one page:

auction master

The first list is non-specific. So, if nothing jumps out at you, don’t fret. You can start to narrow it down.

Above there’s a filter box where you can filter out based on every metric you’d choose to measure a site by. In fact there are at least 66 variations on how you can filter your results. You’ll have to forgive me for not listing them all 😉

auction master filter results

If you want to make your search specific to a niche and not just a metric, you can do that as well. Next to that filter button there is a magnifying glass. Click on it and type in the root keyword you’re looking for:

travel auction master

That will bring up every domain and website that’s available for that keyword, too.

auction travel results

Which is a heck of a lot of usable results; maybe I should have been a travel blogger after all, eh?

This Section In Short

Get Behind The Scenes Of Any Site

Want to know if that site (or domain) you want to add to your arsenal is worth it? This is the tool for you.

Head to site explorer through:

Domain Analysis > Site Explorer

And enter in the URL of the domain you want to analyse. Here you’ll get a full breakdown of the sites metrics and whether it’s a worthy purchase.

site explorer data results

Analyze Multiple URLs At Once

Got your eye on multiple sites? Don’t worry, you can get the same results for multiple domains at once.

Choose the Bulk URL Analyzer from:

Domain Analysis > Bulk URL Analyzer

And enter in up to 20 URLs that you want to see statistics for…

bulk url analyser

Get A Deep Backlink Profile (Or Just Perform A Quick Check)

The Backlinks Explorer in SERPed is impeccable. You really can get more actionable data than on a lot of other tools I’ve used.

Head to:

Domain Analysis > Backlink Explorer

And enter the site you want to explore the backlinks of.

You can either choose to do a Fast or Deep exploration of their backlinks.

If you choose the Fast option you’ll get to see an overview of the links pointing back to that domain, the anchor text cloud and if a link is do or no follow.

backlinks blog

If you go for the deep option, while it takes a few minutes longer, you get much more expansive set of results.

You’ll be able to check domain ages, Moz data, Alexa rank and a much more comprehensive anchor text cloud.

deep explore

That’s before you even begin to look at every possible backlink pointing to the page.

deep explore results

Use Aged Domains And Expired Scraper To Build Your PBN

Always be ahead of the game in finding expiring domains, with done-for-you statistics, coming up for grabs.

You can easily find backlinks from your must-have sites so you can spread some of the link juice for yourself. Not a bad deal, right?

The Aged Domain Finder is found under:

Domain Research > Aged Domain Finder

And it’ll show you all of the top expiring (or expired) domains in your nice. You can just filter by what you’re looking for, and you’ve got access to hundreds of domains you can by then and there.

You can even access important tools from this dashboard – like the site explorer – so you can get a thorough look at the site before you buy.

travel results

Alternatively, if you have a more specific need – like a backlink from an authority site – you can use the expired scraper to find a site with a link from that site.

lonely planet results two

You can access every piece of information about the link from this one dashboard so you can make a data driven decision on whether a purchase is worth your time.

Get Stuck Into Every Auction Right Now

If you want to build your empire from buying done-for-you sites, you’re in luck. You can access all auction sites from the Auction Master tool and purchase from your dashboard.

You can access it all through:

Domain Research > Aged Domain Finder

auction master two

Get Up-To-Date Rank Tracking Data

Imagine you could know exactly where you rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube, anywhere in the world, at the push of a button.

Well, once again, that’s what SERPed allows you to do.

Whether you’re doing in-the-trenches local SEO, or trying to get your blog to rank globally, you can pinpoint your exact movements to see what’s boosting your rankings. Or, to show your clients the ROI of your work.

#31: See Exactly Where You Rank Globally (And How To Rank Higher)

If you’ve already set your site up in Site Manager head over to the Global Rankings tool. This will show you your results for every country you want to rank for.

Rank Tracking > Global Tracking

You can have a quick scan of this page if you want. It’ll show you some metrics about your rankings. But for now I’m going to hurry you through a little.

At the top of the page click the currently monitored button:

currently monitored button

That will show you your site URL, a couple of metrics and the Keywords you’re currently tracking or ranking for.

Go ahead and click either the View button or on the total number of Keywords:

click keywords

Now you’ve got a complete list of every keyword you rank for. And, where you rank for it. If it shows N/A it means you rank outside the top 100.

You can update this to show you results from Bing and Yahoo, also.

matt keyword no 1 rankings

You can see the entire list of:

  • Search volume
  • How long you’ve been ranking for that keyword in that position
  • Your rankings over time

This allows you to see which keywords, and search volumes, are bringing you the most returns. It’s also a stellar way to view your progress and create a strategy to beat your competitors. Let me explain…

In the above image you can see all of my number one rankings. But lets say I want to improve my rankings for another, higher volume, keyword, like how to start a blog:

how to start a blog

I’m currently 100th in the world for that. And, if I click on my Over Time statistics, you can see that I’ve plummeted in those rankings recently.

lower rankings

With this tool I’m able to see not only why but who I have to target to get into the top 13. Let me show you how…

On the keyword screen select the View button and you’ll be taken to this page that shows you the data for this keyword.

how to start a blog over time stats

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a list of the magic 13.

These are the top 13 people ranking for that keyword. But, you can see all of their metrics on why they rank there.

serped top 13 rankings

Click on a result and it will show you their rankings over a period of time – custom or preset – and how they’ve changed. That’s important. Because it shows you:

  • Who from your competition is launching a campaign for this keyword
  • What ranking factors their focusing on
  • When they started their campaign
  • How you can work around it

Let’s see an example. Here’s the up-and-comer on this page, First Site Guide:

first side guideFrom the bottom of the page you can see they’ve been focusing on getting a huge number of links back to that one page. As well as focusing on targeted social metrics – Linkedin and Facebook shares.

You can also send this to the keyword analyser that you saw before to find out the weak points of each position.

Now you can track your results real time. Stay ahead of the competitions tactics and boost your position based on data. Win/win/win.

#32: Follow The Same Steps To Hack Your Local Rankings, Too

As above, so below.

If you follow the same process through:

Rank Tracking > Local Tracking

You’ll be able to see where you rank for local SEO keywords, and take all the data you need to start ranking for any city in the world.

local rankings

This Section In Short

With the rank tracking software you’re able to:

  • View your changes in rank
  • Monitor your progress
  • Uncover your competitors campaigns
  • Target specific strategies to improve your ranking

There’s not much to it, either. In just a few clicks you can have a ton of data to start mounting a tactical campaign.

Here’s how…

How To Use The Rank Tracking Tool

Set up your site, and your target keywords, in site manager. If you’re unsure on your keywords, follow the steps in the keyword research section and then come back.

Once you’re done, choose either:

Rank Tracking > Global Tracking


Rank Tracking > Local Tracking

Depending on your focus.

Once there, select the Currently Monitored option at the top of the screen. That looks like this:
currently monitored button

Here you can see all of the keywords your site ranks for:

results second example

Once you identify a keyword you want to improve upon, click on the View button at the end of the bar. That will take you to a page stuffed with information about that keyword.

And, most important, data on who is ranking for that keyword and some insight as to why.

data insights

All that’s left to do is mount your charge for the top 10. See you there!

Get More SEO Clients With These Supercharged Tools

SERPed was cooked up by SEOs, for SEOs. And who knows your needs for getting customers better than that?

The Client Aquisition part of this tool focuses on helping you win and close clients so you can grow your income, even if you’re starting from scratch.

If coffee’s for closers, you should probably go and start brewing a pot.

#33: Show Clients They Need You With Site Auditor Pro

Being able to prove to a potential client they need SEO is an absolute game changer. And, with the Site Auditor Pro tool, you’re able to generate stellar reports that can convince and convert.

Imagine people coming to your site and they leave firm in the knowledge they need SEO from you. And, to top it off, they’re now part of your mailing list.

That’s the experience you get right here.

In fact, I’ve been using this for my SEO Agency for the last 18 months, and the results are next level.

You can find the tool this way:

Client Acquistion > Site Auditor Pro

Enter their name as the name of the project and add it. I’d suggest the name of your agency.

Then you can choose how you want your reports to look. If you’ve already added branding when you’ve set up your account, select it from the drop-down menu. Or, if you’ve not done that yet, click the Create New Profile button.

add branding or create new

Hit next and you need to complete through a few steps. Here they are in a shorter format for you:

Choose Your Language…

Reports can be generated in English, Mandarin, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Giving you the option to target people the world over.

Choose The Data Package…

Target based on the service you offer clients. Or, show them the full package. You can just mix and match when you select any of these check boxes:

seo report options

Choose Your Images And The Number Of Emails…

You can leave these as default, or toy around and see what works for you. They’re not the most essential part of this tool, so see if you get good results from one or another.

Add Suggested Tasks…

The report will come with it’s own set of action-tasks that will push clients towards you. But, should you feel the need to, you can add your own.

Create Your Own Custom Summary…

Again this is a done for you summary. But, if you give two craps about your brand image, you should update this to your own summary message. This is their final call to action, so to speak.

add summary

Create Your Own Custom Opt-In Forms…

Nows your chance to create a custom opt-in form that will appear on your site. It’s completely customisable, so you can play to your hearts content.

edit opt in

Sync It Up To Your Third Party Software…

You’re going to need to skip a step here. Ignore the Embed Codes tab for now, and head to the 3rd Party Integration tab.

Here you can connect it up to your email marketing autoresponder software, no matter who that is:

sync email software

Get Your Site Embed Codes…

These can now be added to your landing pages, or SEO Report pages.

get embed codes

The end product of all of this is beautiful when you get it up and running. Does this page look familiar to you? 😉

matt seo analysis page

You can also integrate it with optin form plugins like Thrive Leads to create beautiful optin forms and landing pages that grab peoples attention-

custom seo analysis popup

And trust me when I tell you, this tool converts like CRAZY!

Just take a look at these numbers from Thrive Leads-

seo analysis conversion rate

Over the past couple of years this tool alone has added 6 figures to my agencies annual revenue.

I highly suggest you take advantage of it too.

#34: Stun Your Potential Clients With The Mobile Prospector Tool

This tool is guaranteed to get you clients.

You’d be amazed at how many businesses don’t have mobile friendly sites.

But this is about to become your biggest opportunity yet. Because this tool will show you all the mobile un-friendly sites competing for a particular keyword.

And you can reach out to them and convert them into your paying client. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Head to the mobile prospector by going through:

Client Acquisition > Mobile Prospector

Take a focus keyword – preferably high traffic – and add it into the tool:
restaurants london

Schedule the report and then give it a few minutes to process. Once complete it’ll make you a report of all the sites that rank and if they pass the mobile check. Here are the results of my search:

restaurants london results

Look at all these sites that need your help to boost their rankings.

There are some big names here, too, like Wolfgang Puck. You can even see how not mobile friendly it is from this screenshot on my phone (man, that’s dreadful):

wolfgang puck

Now strap yourself in for the best part of this tool yet. Choose a site that you want to contact and you can send them a report directly from the SERPed too.

Click the cog at the end select the Generate Report option:

generate report

That will bring you to a page where you can create a custom email report to send.

Just select the branding options you’ve created, add your personal message, and you’re on your way:

generate report actual report

For less than two minutes work you can generate an excellent report that’s ready to attract clients. 

This is the report I made for the above result:

pitch preview

Your potential customers can’t help but see the value here. And, you don’t have to spend hours creating individual pitches and hitting and hoping.

This step is genius. Being able to show what the site will look like after the work is complete makes the difference in the service you’re going to provide extra clear:

new preview

If you can’t use these two tools to get new clients, I don’t know what will help you.

This Section In Short

Get SEO Clients easier than ever with these tools from SERPed.

These tools allows you to get right to the heart of the problem and boost your conversion rates with little to no effort from your site.

I’ve personally used this one-two punch of tools to grow my income SEO Agency and I’ve never looked back.

Here’s how to use them for yourself…

Automatically Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

When people come to your site you can provide them with a free SEO Audit that will convince them of how much they need SEO. And, turn away customers who would be a waste of your time.

You’re also able to inject these people directly into your mailing list, so even if this first contact doesn’t make the sale, you have plenty of opportunity to do so in the future.

Head to:

Client Acquisition > Site Auditor Pro

Set up your project. Then you’ll be able to custom create an entire sales tool from right inside this dashboard.

You can select custom designs, add your own copywriting and select your autoresponder so everything runs smoothly.
optin form shot

Take the code, add it to your site, and presto you have an awesome sales funnel to help you generate SEO client after SEO client.
seo analysis

Send Gold Standard Pitches To People Who Need You

Mobile is essential in today’s SEO. We both know it. But, somehow, there are people out there who have no idea about it.

This tool lets you turn those people into clients.

Go to:

Client Acquisition > Mobile Prospector

Pick a keyword – one that generates a lot of traffic – and you’ll be presented with a whole list of sites that aren’t mobile friendly and want to rank for that keyword.
not passed screenshot

You don’t need to leave the browser to take action, either. Click the cog at the end of the result and you can generate a report you can email directly to the Webmaster right now.

Do this to everyone on the list and that’s 22 brand new leads from this one search. Repeat that a few times and you’ll be knee deep in new clients.

Other Awesome Tools To Amp Up Your SEO Game

Still with me? Good.

These last few tools are here to help you level up SEO even more and give you supercharged results.

From getting free social exposure, to seeing your map rankings and letting you audit any site from in your browser – you won’t want to miss them.

#35: Get More Social Shares With The Social Exchanger

The Social Exchanger is a tool that allows you to boost your social signals by getting other users of SERPed to share your articles for absolutely free.

You can find it under:

Done For You > Social Exchanger

Once in, click the Create New Task button and you can ask people to take any action on your content. From likes, comments, shares and retweets. There’s really no boundary.

Just create your task like this:

social exchanger

Submit it, and you’re all done.

There’s a whole list of actions you can take for other SERPed users too. So, remember, the more you give, the more you get.

#36: Track Your Map Rankings

This tool is still in BETA but it’s getting ready to launch. But, let me tell you, the insights are brilliant.

You can now track where you rank in maps searches. So, when people are looking for local listings:

  • Restaurants
  • Mechanics
  • Dentists
  • Activities
  • All the rest…

You can track your progress in ranking inside the top 20 listings.

plumbers new york

This is forward thinking and has come at the request of lots of SERPed users (myself included).

And, when it goes fully live, you’ll be able to derive unreal data.

#37: SERPed Plus Plugin

This tool is supposed to be under wraps. But, they’ve given me exclusive rights to tell you all about it.

The SERPed Plus Plugin isn’t just another SEO plugin that shows you metrics like SEOQuake or MozBar.

It allows you to access all the features of SERPed straight from your browser:

serped plugin

If you’re on a site that you like the look of, you can enter in the details and get instant data without leaving the page.

This add-on is only for Ultimate Members. But, watch this space, because I’ll update if it becomes available to all.

SERPed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Does It Cost?

SERPed comes in two price brackets:

$79 per month for premium or $179 per month for ultimate.

With the launch of the 2.0 software there’s talk of the prices going up, but if you act now, you can lock in these prices for your membership.

And, it’s still much cheaper year on year than buying each of the tools you can work with here separately.

How Do I Sign Up?

SERPed is currently closed for new members.

HOWEVER I have arranged an exclusive back door for my readers which you can access here.

Is There A Free Trial Available?

There is no free trial available, however there is a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

If you are not happy for any reason just open a support ticket and you’ll be refunded in full.

How Many Countries, Languages And Databases Does It Support?

You can get data for any country that is currently being indexed by Google or Bing. And, in their native language.

That means it is great for international SEO, no matter which country you are targeting.

Is There An Affiliate Program?

Yes. But, it’s kept under wraps. You’ll have to send a ticket to SERPed directly to find out more.

SERPed Review Conclusion.

Phew! Okay, there you have it. 37 ways to use SERPed to supercharge your SEO and traffic.

Here’re the links back to every individual section so you can go back and take on the next challenge with ease.

What are your favourite parts of this tool? What else would you like to know more about?

Ask away in the comments…

The Good Stuff:
  • Replaces lots of expensive SEO tools with a low monthly cost
  • All of your data is under one roof which saves a lot of time
  • It’s fast and simple to use
The Bad Stuff:
  • There is a recurring monthly cost
  • The user interface could be better
  • There are so many SEO tools included that it can be overwhelming

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March 27, 2017

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